Starting Over

So I started this blog almost a year ago to get myself writing more often. Yeah…Obviously, I have not been all that successful. So this is me starting over. I wish that statement was only in regards to my blog. However, it is not. After moving on from a huge breakup, a new job, a new apartment in a new city, new friends, a series of interesting boy adventures, a layoff, another new job, a move to Chicago, a new roommate in a temporary living situation, more new friends and some old ones too, I am officially starting over. Whew. Yeah,  I know.  I am totally comfortable with change. I really am. In fact, I embrace it. I’m always chasing new adventures, but this has been a little much. Recently, a friend told me that she believes this ever-changing period in my life is somewhat common for a girl my age. As a hippie from Ann Arbor, she is a big believer in Astrology. She claims I’m experiencing what one calls, “Mercury in Retrograde.” That is one theory. I have gone with the flow and adapted, but I am craving a dash of stability for a minute. I feel good here in Chicago. Through great friends in Detroit, I have been lucky enough to meet new friends in this crazy little town. After one of our first meetings, one of them said to me, “I got lucky in Chicago and I think you will too.” I hope with all my heart that is true. So far, so good but it is tricky. I want to feel settled in my new job. That is my biggest cause of anxiety. I really like it, but it is a field that is still somewhat new to me. Just like the first time around, the reality of life after graduation is quite different. I love it though. It is definitely in the dream job category. I am so lucky to have gotten it and I want to be successful. More than anything. I have a lot to learn. My job is an area that consumes me, but I hope my insecurities decrease and my confidence grows steadily.

All in all, I love it here. I am happy. But in my opinion, happiness is a constant effort. Maybe that is the reason for all the change, maybe I have been searching for happiness. We’ll see what life has in store for me next. It almost doesn’t matter because after all this, I can handle it. I hope so, anyway.

So that brings us up to speed. I am excited about my life in Chicago and all the fun adventures this chapter of my life will bring. I can’t wait to share restaurant reviews, love and other ridiculousness, developing friendships and gym memberships (it is inevitable with all the goodness I’m surrounded by).

I’m off to Big Star for tacos with a new friend. I think. It’s complicated. The friend, not the tacos.  We will talk about it later. Haha.


New Millie News

So I have updated the look of my blog. It is a little more straight-up, if you will. So there is that.  Maybe that will get me to actually update the posts more often. I promise, I will.

There is also a new job. It is exciting and scary, like most new things in life. I love change. Change is good, no matter how much some resist and deny. I also have two somewhat new classes to add to the pile. This time however, they are the last two. So exciting. Then that will be another new adventure and it’s just around the bend. A new home is also on the horizon in a new city.

So much adventure or at least, that’s how I see it today. Check back tomorrow.

Oh, after the Tiger updates, of course. The never-ending Tiger updates. Oy.

Easy reading is damn hard writing.

So true, Nathaniel Hawthorne. So true. Writing is many things. It is explanatory. It is exploratory. It is fantasy and reality. The point is, writing is infinite possbility–it is anything we want it to be. I want it to be engaging. I want it to be honest. I want it to be humble. I want it to be funny. It is sometimes all of these things and sometimes it is none.

This blogging is tricky. I want to engage readers in each excerpt and yet I spend a lot of time trying to determine what a reader would want to read instead of what I care about writing. If I learned only two things from my mentor, they are this: “No one cares what you think,” (applicable when I was a budding journalist, not so much for future blog purposes) and more importantly right now, “write about something you care about because if you don’t, why would anyone else care to read it?”

So that is the plan. I vow to care. Even when I don’t want to. Sometimes it will be complaining, sometimes it will be endearing ranting, sometimes it will just be plain crap. Call it what you will, it will be writing. 🙂

P.S. I’ll leave you with another quote I like:

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  Sylvia Plath

So…I totally don’t care about Tiger Woods. Over it. So over it. Done. Doneski. I am clearly alone in this, however.

And while we are talking about garbage, also known as my daily rants, I hate Entertainment Tonight. Not news. Never has been. At least TMZ doesn’t claim to be a true news source. They own being smut. I dig that. 🙂

Hello world!

Okay, so this is my first post. I am having performance anxiety. But here we are. Welcome.

So I am fascinated with social media and am learning more and more about its various uses every day. I found this interesting article. Read it. See what you think. Do you experience this issue at the office?

Watch this video, it is super fantastic.

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