New Millie News

So I have updated the look of my blog. It is a little more straight-up, if you will. So there is that.  Maybe that will get me to actually update the posts more often. I promise, I will.

There is also a new job. It is exciting and scary, like most new things in life. I love change. Change is good, no matter how much some resist and deny. I also have two somewhat new classes to add to the pile. This time however, they are the last two. So exciting. Then that will be another new adventure and it’s just around the bend. A new home is also on the horizon in a new city.

So much adventure or at least, that’s how I see it today. Check back tomorrow.

Oh, after the Tiger updates, of course. The never-ending Tiger updates. Oy.


About megmeldrum

I love to laugh. I love to talk. I love to gossip. I am a public relations professional, a social media junkie and a writer trying to get back to the fundamentals of writing but this time on a new platform. I find blogging to be a bit overwhelming, I have performance anxiety about writing concisely about a topic that not only I care about, but that others will too. In the land of social media, there is just SO much to read by so many great bloggers. I will do my best to inform, entertain and inspire.

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