So…I totally don’t care about Tiger Woods. Over it. So over it. Done. Doneski. I am clearly alone in this, however.

And while we are talking about garbage, also known as my daily rants, I hate Entertainment Tonight. Not news. Never has been. At least TMZ doesn’t claim to be a true news source. They own being smut. I dig that. 🙂


About megmeldrum

I love to laugh. I love to talk. I love to gossip. I am a public relations professional, a social media junkie and a writer trying to get back to the fundamentals of writing but this time on a new platform. I find blogging to be a bit overwhelming, I have performance anxiety about writing concisely about a topic that not only I care about, but that others will too. In the land of social media, there is just SO much to read by so many great bloggers. I will do my best to inform, entertain and inspire.

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